B.Com (Banking & Insurance) is an undergraduate course. The course offers theoretical and application-based knowledge in the banking and financial sector. The management and analytic skills to work with various financial tools like regulatory agencies and global markets. This course typically allows students to specialize in one of the multiple concentration areas for Accounting, Marketing, Insurance and Finance.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)


Establish broad and coherent knowledge of the theoretical and professional disciplines of banking, finance, investment analysis, portfolio management, accountancy, economics, quantitative methods, law, and the Financial Services Industry.


Exercise informed commercial judgment within a professional setting which emphasizes ethical and responsible decision making.


Integrates technical and conceptual knowledge, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills to work effectively in the Financial Services Industry.


Think creatively and work collaboratively to identify better solutions in the real world business constraints.


Communicate and explain specialized techniques, knowledge and ideas, to professionals and non-experts involved in the Financial Services and Investment Industries.

Programme Structure

B.Com (Banking & Insurance) offers the following Subjects such as:-

Principles and practice of Banking
Insurance law and Practice
Legal Regulatory Aspects of Banking
Financial Statistics
Company Accounts
Management Accounting

Career Opportunities

The Career Opportunities in various aspects are:

Insurance manager
Loan counselor
Financial Advisor

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