Books / Book Chapters

S.No School Book Book Chapter (Page No) Authors ISBN No. Publisher
Books/Book Chapters Published in Academic Year 2021 – 2022
1 Commerce Investment Management A Saravankumar, R T Lavanya 9789392591358 Shanlax Publications
2 Computer Science Internet of Things M Sumaiya, K Juliana Gnanaselvi 9789392591358 InSc International Publishers
3 Management International Financial Management N Sujatha, R Arulmoli, Pratik B Shah, Subhashini Suresh 9789356250789 Scientific International Publishing House
4 Computer Science Fundamental of Data Science, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and IoT A Sivakumar, Sulaiman Al-Maswari, Solar Mohamed, Gourav Soname 9789391077549 SK Research Group of Companies
5 Commerce Fundamentals of Block Chain T M Hemalatha, S Shobana, S Harikaran 9788195208890 Laser Park Publishing House
6 Commerce Business Environment B H Singu 9798885216418 Shanlax Publications
7 Science Bioethics and Biosafety S N Suresh 9789393622037 Innovation Online Training Academy
8 Commerce Rural Students and youth embracing digital medium to continue learning during covid-19 Effect of e-learning on rural areas in Coimbatore (36-40) P Sasikumar 9789356363489 Shanlax Publications
9 Science Bioentrepreneurship in Biosciences – Recent Approaches (First Edition) Biodegradable Plastics (188-204) A Sathyapriya, B Mohanapriya 9789393942388 Darshan Publishers
10 Computer Science Digital Information security and Computing Technologies (IC-DISCT 2022 International Conference Chapters) Performance measure of resistance techniques for coexistence issues in IEEE (WBAN) T Velumani, A Kalaivani 9789356203211
Books/Book Chapters Published in Academic Academic Year 2020 – 2021
1 Computer Science Demystifying the NoSQL Mrs A S R Sulthana, Micheal Yeboah Frimpong 9798885216418 Notion Press
2 Computer Science Learning web design: A beginners guide to HTML and CSS A Sivakumar, Sulaiman 9799291077723 SKRGC Publication
3 Commerce Company Law 2013 T M Hemalatha, V T Dhanaraj, S Harikaran, I A Ahmed Wasim Mushhtaq 9788195208814 Laser Park Publishing House
4 Computer Science Machine Learning A Sivakumar, P Jayasheelan, P Arulprakash,         D Kaleeswaran 9789391373818 Shanlax Publications
5 Computer Science Blockchain basis & beyond K Juliana Gnanaselvi, Sulaiman 9781685237967 Notion Press
6 Commerce Digital banking M Ganesan, A Saravanakumar 9789391373146 Shanlax Publications
7 Management Effective functioning of application of lean management Mahesh Bhalakrishnan, M Umamaheswari 9789391347116 Coimbatore Institute of Information Technology (CiiT)
8 Computer Science Performance measure of coefficient based wavelet transformations in image processing T Velumani 9781638866473 Notion Press
9 Management Virtual and classroom learning in higher education: a guide to effective online teaching Impact of cybernetic classroom learning on students academic performance (226-235) S Lara Priyadhharshini, E Kamatchi Muthulakshmi 9781681089287 Bentham Science
10 Science Role of bio statistics in covid 19 The role of biostatistics and biostatistics in covid-19 clinical research (146-148) S Kathiresan, S J Shalini 9789391077655 Shanlax Publications
11 Science Role of bio statistics in covid 19 The dimensions biostatistics in this epidemic covid 19 (138-146) S Kathiresan, S J Shalini, V Harish, S Indhumathi, S Priyadarshini, I Karthika, V Sureka. V Abinesh 9789391077655 Shanlax Publications
12 Science Role of bio statistics in covid 19 Biostatistics and SARD coV2 research, policymaking, communication B Meenatchi, S Jeffita, M Devika, Y Mohammad Farizkhan. A Mohammad Suhail. K Manikandan, S Sarmithha, D Sudhiksa 9789391077655 Shanlax Publications
13 Science Role of bio statistics in covid 19 Contribution of biostatistics in covid-19 (62-67) S Kathiresan, S Preethi, R Sathiyaa, M Shanthini, D R Sankeerthan, M Vasikaran,  S Hruthik Rathod, R Elackiya 9789391077655 Shanlax Publications
14 Science Role of bio statistics in covid 19 Enormous contribution of bio statistics in diverse areas epidermic situation (39-44) S Kathiresan, J Menaga, S Logeswari, S Bharathi Kanna, S Anitha Bharathi, R Indhumathi, K B Amirtha Varsla 9789391077655 Shanlax Publications
15 Science Impact of cross-culture and English in global communication – Vol II Opportunities in media industry post covid-19 pandemic (22-27) A Kabilath Begum, D Jeyanthi Prassana 978391537906 Clever Fox
16 Science Recent innovations in engineering science and management (RIESM) Evaluation of health literacy and insights into health literacy in the face of health crises P Srinivasan, M Rajalakshmi, G Sajeeth Kumar 9788195023622
17 Science Recent innovations in engineering science and management (RIESM) Quantum computing at the frontiers of biological sciences (1340-1356) S Violet Beaulah, Gaurav Singh 9788195023622