Revised Blooms Taxonomy

The institution has given orientation to the faculty on the Revised Blooms Taxonomy which focuses on outcome-based education. The conventional teaching method is transformed to student-centric to enhance the critical thinking of the students. The flipped classroom is one of the methods adopted to increase student engagement and learning at their home and work on live problem solving during class time. Based on the method the course handling faculty share relevant videos and subject materials to the students and make them learn prior to the class.

Teaching Methodology

Every subject handling faculty must split up the session by conducting Pre-quiz before starting the class to know whether the students understand the concepts or not. Based on the performance and understanding the faculty starts the lecture. The Mid Assessment quiz is conducted to assess the understanding of the students and again the teacher continues the lecture.

After the session, the discussion starts on problem-solving and the students interact and clarify their doubts. This interactive learning environment enables them to apply their ideas creatively in the classroom.

Learning Methods

Some of the learning methods followed are as follows:

Mind mapping, Case studies, Brainstorming sessions make the students face challenges in the industry, Roleplay for interaction helps the students to enhance their problem-solving skills.

Projects, mini-projects, Industrial Visits, and field Work provide an opportunity for experiential learning and Internships help the students to obtain hands-on training in the industries and reduces the gap between the institution and industries.

Mock Interviews, panel discussions, and group discussions are conducted to help the students excel in their communication and interpersonal skills.  Book Review and Moviemaking enable their creative thinking.

Atal Incubation Centre RAISE (AIC RAISE) sponsored by NITI-AAYOG, Government of India located inside the campus trains the students to showcase their innovative ideas and transform them into Iconic Incubates. This unique practice has created a positive entrepreneurial culture among the students.

The departments drive the learning process of students by conducting regular class activities namely ‘Think, pair, share’, role play, group discussion, brainstorming, math modelling, puzzle-solving, drama, a dance of the Gods, and pictorial representations. Notably ‘think share and pair’ activity aims at ensuring teamwork, critical thinking and knowledge sharing among students, ‘Dance of Gods’activity focuses on emphasizing a concept in a manner in the form of dance with definite steps. ‘Model making’ activity provides an opportunity for the candidates to create a model relevant to the concept of study thereby enhancing their critical thinking and creative knowledge. ‘Pictorial representation’ helps students to prepare and present the topic of study with versatile chart preparation.










Remedial classes

Based on the knowledge in the curriculum, students are categorized into slow, intermediate, and advanced learners. The remedial class timetable is framed for slow learners to enhance their learning and improve the student’s participatory response.

For Intermediate and slow learner’s additional lab hours have been allocated to improve their practical knowledge as well as additional learning materials like question bank, simplified notes, video tutorials, lab manuals are given to the students. To assess their improvement in the remedial class frequent assessments are conducted and the pattern of the remedial class is reviewed. Based on the performance of the students, the course handling faculty has to interact with the slow and intermediate learners and counsel them.

Advanced Learners

To enrich the knowledge of advanced learners, the value-added courses are offered with two extra credits per semester, and the students are motivated to learn online courses like Swayam, Coursera, and MOOC courses under the credit transfer scheme, as per UGC norms.

Furthermore, advanced learners are encouraged,

  • To participate and present papers in seminars
  • To participate in various competitions conducted by Industry and Institutions
  • To undergo special training on advanced tools in the industries and internship with the industries

A unique practice of our institution is “Battalion”, which is a process through which the students can learn themselves as a team. The class splits into groups, consisting of slow, intermediate, and advanced learners. The advanced learners shall explain the topics to their peers enabling them to understand easily. Slow and intermediate learners are equally provided opportunities to present the shared concept and doubts will be clarified by the advanced learners.

Transform your life with RCAS

Rathinam College of Arts and Science is a part of Rathinam Group which gives quality education for everyone. It stands strong for the students who are willing to learn something new. We are not restricting ourselves to just the academic education. It is just a part of our curriculum as we believe, the overall growth of students is also equally important. Right from its inception, RCAS concentrates on various fields such as literature, science and technology, commerce, business administration, costume designing and fashion and communication. It is understood that after the schooling, the college, a student pursue will completely transform his life. At Rathinam, we follow a well-organized and clearly charted system of education. The ultimate aim is to provide a learning experience which embrace changes in a positive way. Faculties experience and innovation will go hand in hand, by which the students can gain knowledge and skills in order to prepare for the competitive world. Life transforming experience – that is how the education at RCAS is defined.

Placement & Training Cell

Students here are provided with regular or periodical sessions on development in their communication, marketing and social skills and also enlightened with various necessary etiquette learning processes solely based on their part of interest. This is done for the lateral development of the students, by building up their self-confidence and constructing them to present themselves as the winners in every part of the world they go. Placement & Training Cell also helps students by forwarding their resume to get into various other companies which they dream to work at, irrespective of their recruitment in our campus.


Re-Accredited by NAAC with “A” Grade and NIRF ranked 3rd in Coimbatore, 6th in Tamilnadu, 66th in All India.
Recognized by UGC under section 2(f) & 12(b).

  • Real time Learning Experience at IT Park within the Campus.
  • Part time Job within the campus.
  • Hybrid Learning through Digital Medias like Face book, YouTube, Moodle, Naptel, Coursera Etc.,
  • Real time Classes through Business & Technology Reviews / Case Studies.
  • Interaction with Industry Experts.


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