The MHRD, under its National Mission on Education through ICT, has developed around 10,000 plus modules in 57 subjects which are available on the “ePG Pathshala website” as Open Educational Resource and may be used as supplementary reading material by the PG students.

The INFLIBNET Centre has developed a web-based interface called “Vidya-Mitra: Integrated e-Content Portal” for all e-content projects, developed/funded under the National Mission of Education through ICT. There are more than 50 projects on e-content under NME-ICT which are developed/being developed in various subject disciplines (science, arts, engineering, social science, etc) through various Indian institutes/universities / colleges.

Also under the study webs of Active-Leaming for Young Aspiring Minds “(SWAYAM) programme” of Ministry of Human Resource Development, UGC has developed 72 Moocs courses of which 43 are available on the SWAYAM platform.

Educational Resources
Sl. No Name of Provider Access URL
1 21 e-PG Pathshala
2 vidthya mitra Vidya-Mitra Portal
3 swayam SWAYAM MOOCs Courses
Thesis and Dissertations
Sl. No Name of Provider Access URL
1 a Open Access Theses and Dissertations
2 shodh Shodh Ganga
Open Access Resources
Sl. No.Name of Provider Access URL
1 DOAJ Directory of Open Access Journals
Sl. No Name of Provider Access URL
1 Directory of Open Access Journals Directory of Open Access Journals

Dr. Mahesh Balakrishnan - Management

Dr A Kabilath Begum Math

Dr B Prakash Physics

Dr. G Kavitha Math

Dr. K Juliana Computer Science

Dr. M Rajalakshmi Microbiology


Dr. R Pandeeswari Physics

Dr. P Srinivasan Microbiology

Dr S Subhashini Management

Dr T VELUMANI Computer Science

Dr T Saranya English

Dr. T M Hemalatha Commerce

Dr. V Siva Kumar Computer Science

Dr. A Saravana Kumar Commerce

Mr. A Srinivasan Computer Science

Mr. A Uthiramoorthy Computer Science

Mr. Ahamed Wasim Commerce

Mr. Ajay Kumar Management

Mr. Arul Mozhi Arasu IT

Mr. Arumugam Sree Nishanth Management

Mr B Anandakumar Computer Technology

Mr B H Singu Commerce

Mr F Stanislaus Management

Mr. J Elias Singh Viscom

Mr. Kathiresan Maths

Mr. M Gnanasekar Maths

Mr. M Romeo Commerce

Mr. M Vishnu Commerce

Mr. Prabhakaran Commerce

Mr. R J Sanjay management

Mr. R Sathish Kumar Viscom

Mr. S Aravindh Biotechnology

Dr. S Harikaran Commerce

Dr. S Raja Computer Science

Mr. Sarguru Nathan Maths

Mr. Sathish Anandan Viscom

Mr. Sirinsavan Management

Mr. T J Raju Viscom

Mr V Siva Kumar computer science

Ms A Dhanalakshmi CDF

Ms. A Vrindha Commerce

Ms Barathi Priya Viscom

Ms Brindha Devi Math

Ms C Kanimozhi Commerce

Ms D Uma Maheswari Physics

Ms Farida Begum Management

Ms G Arut Geevitha Commerce

Ms G Rajeswari Commerce

Ms Jeevitha Priya Viscom

Ms Jeyanthi Prassana Maths

Ms K Arthi Commerce

Ms K M Aathira Psychology

Ms K Rajeswari CDF

Ms K Renuka Computer Science

Ms Lakshmi Priya Pshychology

Ms M Greeshma Microbiology

Ms M Priya Dharshini Commerce

Ms. Mary Diana Commerce

Ms. N Indumathi Commerce

Dr N Parameswari Tamil

Ms P Shiney Commerce

Ms Parimala Devi English

Ms R Arivumalar Management

Ms R Manimegalai Computer Science

Ms R Pavithra CDF

Ms R T Lavanya Commerce

Ms S Balgis Anbia Commerce

Ms S Deepika Psychology

Ms S Greeshma CDF

Ms S Janani Commerce

Ms S Kavitha English

Ms S Shobana Commerce

Ms Shinny Nirmala Commerce

Ms Showmiya Psychology

Ms T J Jona Management

Ms T Ranjani Maths

Ms U Ponmani Commerce

Ms V Induja Commerce

Ms Varshavardhini English

Ms S.Violet Beaulah Microbiology

Dr C Kanagaraj Biotechnology

Dr G Sajeeth Kumar Psychology

Dr R Amsaraj Computer Science

Dr V T Dhanaraj Commerce

Mr V Veerakumaran Computer Science

Ms A S R Sulthana Computer Science

Ms M Pavithra Psychology

Ms R Anisha English

Dr. Mahesh Balakrishnan - Management

Ms Farida Begum Management

Mr M Romeo Commerce

Dr. Palanisamy, Asstn. Prof. School of Commerce

Ms. R Pavithra CDF

Mr V Veerakumaran Computer Science

Ms R Pavithra CDF

M.S Kirithika, Asstn. Prof. School of Commerce

Ms. A S R Sulthana Computer Science

Ms. A S R Sulthana Computer Science

A.B Alaguharani - English

Communication and its types

N.S Priyadharshini - Psychology

Developmental Psychology

Mr.K.Prabhakaran - Commerce

Startup India

A.B Alaguharani - English

Communication and its types

N.S Priyadharshini - Psychology

Developmental Psychology

Mr.K.Prabhakaran - Commerce

Startup India Title Link
01 National Digital Library
02 SWAYAM Online Courses
03 National Knowledge Network
04 NPTEL (National Program on Technology Enhanced learning)
05 Talks to Teacher
07 Virtual Labs
08 Virtual Labs
10 Spoken Tutorial
11 e-Yantra
12 Oscar++
13 E-Kalpa
14 NCERT Text Books (class I to XII)
15 Directory of Open Access Books
16 Directory of Open Access journals
17 Open Knowledge Repository – World Bank
19 e-PG Pathshala
20 e-Content Courseware in UG subjects
22 e-Shodh Sindhu
23 Shodh Ganga Thesis Reservoir
24 Vidhwan
26 Oxford Open access\
27 Cambridge University Press
28 Science Direct Open Access Content
30 Project Euclid oa
31 AidData
32 Springer Open Journals
33 Taylor & Francis Open Access
34 Open Access Thesis & Dissertations
35 Legal Information
36 Legal Information Institute of India (LIIofIndia)
37 The OAPEN Foundation
38 PubMed Central (PMC)
39 Project Gutenberg
40 High Wire
42 Southern Connecticut State University
43 LibriVox – Audio Books
44 K K Venugopal Antiquarian Books Collection
45 McGill Library (Open & Free Resources)
46 OXFORD University Press (India)
47 Open Access to ACM Digital Library covid-19/
48 M. A. Library, AMU (E-Resources)
49 MIT OpenCourseWare
50 Coursera MOOCs
51 Edx MOOCs
52 British Council Free Online Short Courses
53 AI, Data Science & Machine Learning
54 Java & C++ Resources
55 Study materials to clear UGC NET/JRF in Computer Science
56 British Council Services to teaching English
57 ELTeCS Link
58 Resources for English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies
59 Resource for grammar, TOEFL, etc
60 Dictionaries and Directories (English