• Consciousness and application of design principles
  • Apparel construction through applied design outgrowth, from idea generation to attainment
  • Develop an endowment of fashion marketing and the importance of branding
  • Fulfillment venture to attain the fashion events
  • Enrich creative skills via a sub-major from Design stream and the other creative self restraint
Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

At the end of the B. SC Costume Design and Fashion will be able to


To prepare student graduates for a successful career with effective communication skills, teamwork skills and work with values that meet the diversified needs of industry, academia and research.


To train students in comprehending, analyzing, designing and creating novel products and technologies that provide solution frameworks to real world problems.


To promote awareness among student graduates towards issues of social relevance and introduce them to professional ethics and practice.


To inculcate in student graduates the ability to gain multidisciplinary knowledge through projects and industrial training, providing a sustainable competitive edge in R&D and meeting industry needs.


To develop self-learning ability in graduates by inculcating the philosophy to continuously learn, innovate and contribute to creation of new knowledge for the benefit of the society at large.


To inculcate in graduates the qualities of leadership for technology innovation and entrepreneurship


Articulate design ideas verbally, visually and digitally.
  • Fashion designer
  • Technical designer
  • Fashion illustrator
  • Stylist
  • Wardrobe consultant
  • Costume designer
  • Costumer
  • Accessories designer
  • Buyer
  • Product developer
  • Manufacturer
  • Merchandiser
  • Fashion Photographer

Garment Construction Laboratory
The Garment Construction lab has more than 40 commercial machines to handle everything from fine fabrics to leather and denim, and dress forms in various sizes. This is the space that empowers you to design, prototype, source, manufacture, photo documentation area, bring to market, and actually sell your original apparel. From concept to finished garment the fashion lab studio will support student’s creation of their completed work.

Pattern making and drafting laboratory
This lab is well equipped tables and stools that are needed for Drafting.

Draping Laboratory
This laboratory is equipped with dummies for draping. It has four men, four women and two children dummies to drape in various styles.

Textile Testing Laboratory
This laboratory is equipped with latest testing Equipments. It has

  • Wrap reel
  • Twist Tester
  • Beesley’s Balance
  • Quadrant Balance
  • Projection Micro Scope
  • Loop Length Tester

Textile processing Laboratory
This laboratory is rich in textile chemistry study. Aspects of textile processing, printing, dyeing & testing go with full sewing here. It has

  • Dye bath
  • Electronic balance
  • Padding table

CAD Laboratory
The Fashion CAD Laboratory trains the students in enhancing their creativity in fashion designing with the help of software like Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw and TUKA CAD for pattern making, grading and lay planning.

Swing Lab

  • Our lab is equipped with various types of machines like 25 Pedal machines, 17 Power Machines, 1 over lock machine and 2 fashionmakers.
  • There are a male mannequin, female mannequin and two kid’s mannequins

Drafting Lab

  • There are different types of dress forms like male, female and kids for our students to learn the techniques of draping.
  • There are 10 drafting tables for students for drafting patterns

Testing Lab
Our testing lab is equipped with

  • Wrap Reel
  • Beesley Balance
  • 2 Dye Baths
  • Crockmeter and
  • Twist Tester to test the fabric and yarn qualities

Association Activity
Programs organized
We conduct a special event called Fashionista – Intercollegiate meet, a platform for our students to showcase their talents. Budding fashion designers from various colleges participate in this event. Students present their collection in the fashion show and the best collection is awarded cash prizes and trophies. This event would also attract brand sponsors like LEE, Naturals which would provide placement opportunity to the young designers.

  • Computer Aided Designing Lab
  • Sewing Lab
  • Drafting Lab
  • Testing Lab

Costume Design and Fashion department provides an educative environment for the students with different kinds of labs such as sewing lab, drafting lab, testing lab, and Computer Aided Designing Lab. There are different types of machines like pedal machines, power machines, embroidery machines, etc for the students to sew their ideas into garments. Our testing lab consists of various machines and facilities which provides an exposure about the industrial knowledge to the students in a practical manner. With the help of Computer Aided Designing Lab, using textile designing software the students create designs and makes it real.

Merchandising In Apparel Industry Certificate