The course is about the intricacies of the mathematical concepts and theories applied in the real life situations like data analysis, statistics, and economics, business and banking, and also in astronomy. This course gives a vigorous training to the students. To understand the concepts and the faculty members use practical or demo session to the students so they can use the concepts effectively in their real-life situaions.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)


Mathematical knowledge. The students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the foundations of Mathematics as well as the ability to think logically and technically.


Problem solving skills. The Students should formulate, analyze, and solve problems through analytical and computational techniques and apply them to other discipline.


Industry Collaboration. The students by undergoing internship and doing Project from the industry they will be learning Mathematics and its application with respect to industry needs, by which their employability is increased.


Employability Skill: To prepare students for lifelong learning and successful careers using their mathematical and statistical skills and then to design Mathematical Model for Engineering and Technology for real time problems.

Career Opportunities

The students are best suited for jobs in web/application development, networking, and graphical designing. The students will be employable in all functional areas of IT such as developer, application software’s requirement management, quality assurance, and process analysis.

Programme Structure

M.Sc. Information Technology offers core, and practical courses. Equal weightage is given to Theory and Practical. For all the subjects, the students has to undergo an online certification course either in NPTEL or Spoken Tutorial or Courseera.
  • Java Programming
  • Web Technology
  • Database and SQL/PLSQL
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Windows Programming
  • Computer Graphics and Animation
  • Entrepreneurship for IT
  • Android App Development
  • Software Engineering
  • Information and Cyber Security

M.Sc. Information Technology provides an area specific specialization for the students. The domains are listed below.

  • Data Analytics
  • Computer Networks & Security
  • Animation
  • Testing
  • Cloud Infrastructures

Programming Lab

  • 120 Desktop Computers with Internet facility.
  • Dual Operating Systems (Windows and Linux).
  • C, C++,
  • MATLAB, Mathematica
  • LaTex
  • SPSS courses.

Communication Lab
Communication skill development lab

Library working days : Monday to Saturday (except 2nd & 4th Saturday)
Library working hours : 9.00 am to 5.00 pm
Resources:- : Inflibnet, DEL net
Collection of Books : 1500+
Journals : 30
Thesis : 56

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Academic Activities

  • Ramanujan Club (The Competitive Exam Cell & Vedic Mathematics club)

The competitive Exam Cell
Academic Activities

  • Ramanujan Club (The Competitive Exam Cell & Vedic Mathematics club)
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