• Students should wear their identity cards every day and they should be produced at any time when demanded.
  • Absolute silence should be maintained while moving from classroom to laboratory/library/auditorium and while returning.
  • Students should not sit on the walls/steps.
  • Students are forbidden from writing, scribbling, painting on the walls, desks, etc.
  • Students found guilty of damaging or destroying college property should replace the same at their own cost.
  • Students must identify those who cause damage to the college property and report the same to the Administrative Officer and Principal.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the campus.
  • Students found consuming drugs or liquor shall be dismissed from the college.
  • Students should not participate in political, communal/religious activities.
  • Students found guilty of using foul language or behaving rudely shall be expelled from the college.
  • Students are advised to read notices put on the notice board.
  • Students are advised to check the announcements regularly on ERP and E-mail

The students should have a driving license and wear helmets while coming to college in their vehicle.

  • Every employee shall abide by and comply with the Regulations and Rules framed thereunder by the Management and as amended from time to time, and all orders and directions of his/her superior authorities.
  • The faculty has to desist from entering into unhealthy arguments of any kind and adopt a posture of contradiction with the superiors and elders.
  • The faculty has to avoid reprimanding the juniors in the presence of their subordinates & students.
  • A teacher should scrupulously avoid smoking, chewing betel leaves, and such other undesirable habits in the presence of students and within the precincts of the College.
  • No teacher shall encourage or indulge in any form of malpractices connected with examinations or other college activities.
  • The faculty has to avoid using harsh and slang language on the premises.
  • The use of mobile phones on campus during working hours is strictly forbidden.
  • Faculty has to develop his / her general and professional knowledge of skills and remain updated in the specific line of work.
  • Every teacher shall, by precept and example, inculcate respect for law and order among students.
  • Every teacher shall, by precept and example, instill the love of the motherland in the minds of the pupils.
  • Every teacher shall organize and promote all college activities which foster the feelings of universal brotherhood among pupils.
  • Every teacher should try to preserve and promote the dignity and solidarity of the profession.
  • Attending 6 days in a week and whenever required extend it to clear pending duties.
  • All matters related to AICTE/UGC/University to be checked I corrected and make available to the Principal/ CEO & Secretary.
  • Keeping the list of students having fees arrears up to date, taking appropriate follow-up as per the direction of the corporate office.
  • Assisting the purchase of the department and accounting for it properly
  • All the requirements related to the college like Library/ Classroom/ Staffroom/ Computer Lab/ other labs of each college have to be assessed and invite quotations from different vendors and do a comparative study on price and quality before the purchase. (The quotations can be forwarded to Management for finalization and clarifications).
  • Identify staff (Teaching and Non- Teaching) who are availing leave often especially on Saturday and Monday and more than two days a month and inform to Principal.
  • Don’t involve in irrelevant discussion and maintain silence in the office and surroundings.
  • Responsibility for the overall performance and monitoring of the college developmental activities.
  • Gathering, adapting, storing, and distributing information’s within the College.
  • Organizing, providing leadership, and controlling all administrative functions in the department.
  • Rendering service to other functions within the organization
  • Efficient housekeeping & catering requirements for guests/employees.
  • Planning, sourcing, and maintenance of company transport.
  • Liaison works with all Government offices like Collector (students scholarship), Police station (Any problem solving), Telephone Electricity, Water, Panchayat, etc. ·
  • Responsibilities for travel arrangements for domestic and international itineraries of the VIPs visiting campus after consulting with management.
  • Keeping abreast with the latest trends in intra and extra office communication needs equipment. Monitor printing and updating documents of the organization.
  • Maintenance and supervision of all office and academic records.


  1. The Working Time is from 10.00 AM to 4.00 PM on all working days.
  2. Students should be punctual in attending all the classes. If anyone misses any of the classes, he/she shall lose attendance for the session.
  3. Students should not avail leave on their own without having their leave application sanctioned. If any student has to leave the college with official sanctions, he/she should get the document signed by the staff concerned and submit it to the class tutor in advance.
  4. Every student must secure a minimum attendance of 75% for every semester. Those who have below 75% of attendance shall not be permitted to write the End Semester examinations. In addition, they have to rejoin the college for the same semester in the next year and redo the semester.
  5. Those who have less than 90% attendance are not eligible for scholarships. Any student who receives a scholarship either from the   Government or from any outside source other than KPM trust has to refund the scholarship amount received from the college. A student is eligible for only one scholarship at a time.
  6. The selection of student Chairman and student Secretary for the college is done on a nomination basis.
  7. The Examination system consists of two parts. The first part is Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA) and the second part comprises of End Semester Examination (ESE), under Choice Based Credit System.
  8. Students’ academic progress, conduct, and behavior in the college and hostel are very important. Those who do not have good conduct and behavior shall be sent out of the college and hostel at any time during the course of the year. Day scholars are prohibited to enter the hostel.
  9. The college properties such as books, laboratory equipment, furniture, and buildings must be kept safe and neat. Those who spoil them or break them shall have to pay the entire cost for the replacement of the items spoiled/broken. (Common breakage charges shall be collected at the end of the semester.)
  10.  The tuition fee has to be paid on or before the due date in each semester. Defaulters shall be removed from the nominal roll.
  11.  Students are not permitted to enter any classroom other than theirs.
  12.  Students discontinuing the course during their period of study have to pay the remaining semester fees for the entire course.
  13.  Students are responsible for the safety of their belongings. The college is not responsible for any loss.
  14.  Students should read the notice /circulars and other papers displayed on the notice board and act as per the instructions given therein.
  15.  Students should present themselves in good attire inside the campus.
  16.  Usage of mobile phones is prohibited in the college.  If the students are found using the mobile phone inside the college premises during class hours, it will be seized and will be handed over to the disciplinary committee.
  17.  Students must wear their Identity Card regularly to the college.
  1. No student shall be absent himself/herself from the classes without prior permission from the tutor or HOD.
  2. In case of illness and other unforeseen circumstances, the leave application should be handed over to the Principal/HOD/tutor on the first day of his/her return to the college.
  3. A medical certificate should be produced to the Principal in case of prolonged illness (more than 5 days)
  4. A student who absents himself /herself from the class, without any prior permission during any hour of the session shall be considered as absent for half a day

The following regulations of Bharathiar University shall be followed for condoning and detention. Candidates who have obtained attendance between 65% to 74% of attendance are eligible to write their semester examination by paying the condonation, subject to clearing all the fee dues and attending the remedial classes.

Candidates whose attendance range falls below 50% to 64% are eligible to write their semester examination by paying the double condonation, subject to clearing all the fee dues and attending the remedial classes.

Candidates whose attendance is below 50% are not eligible to write their current papers and are eligible to write only arrear papers if the double condonation fee is paid. They will not be allowed to progress in the next semester. They have to redo the course in the same semester in the next academic year, by clearing all the dues and fine.


A student shall be allowed to appear for the semester examinations at the end of a semester only if he/she gets a no due form signed from the department concerned and from the faculty as well.


Boys: Neatly stitched pants and shirts buttoned properly.  Jeans with a single color are permitted. Jeans with multicolor and other accessories are not allowed. T-shirts and banians are not allowed.

Girls: Chudithar, Pants with Kurta and (Dupatta) shall be permitted. Jeans, Leggings, and T-Shirts are not allowed.