Anugraha Freshmen Induction


Who are Freshmen?

All first year students are called Freshmen

What is Online Freshmen Induction?

Online Freshmen Induction is a Ten-day online program that introduces you to the life at Rathinam, the academic procedures as well as all the platforms and opportunities that will be available to you during online learning with Rathinam.

Why should you definitely attend Online Freshmen Induction?

Freshmen Induction gives you an insight about how Rathinam functions. It helps you to create a road map to achieve your ultimate goals.

It gives you an opportunity to:

  • Meet the teachers and senior dignitaries of the Institution.
  • Participate in numerous online competition based on cocurricular and other fun activities.

A Freshmen should:

  • Stay Updated about the information related to online freshmen induction through
  • Attend the online induction as per the schedule.
  • Lots-of online engagement activities through freshmen induction website are going on, participate to your best and win exciting prizes.

Induction Highlights

  • Participative and interactive presentations: But Oh! before we forget, there are lots of prizes to be won at all of these presentations
  • Literary Activities and Online Freshmen Talent Search competitions
  • E-achievers gallery
  • Presentation and interaction with parents
  • Doubt Clearing Session, Induction Report and feedback Online
  • Diagnostic Test for English