The M.A. degree in Journalism and Mass Communications is designed to build or enhance professional knowledge, skills and leadership in journalism and mass communications. The interdisciplinary curriculum combines up-to-date knowledge with practical application and individualized experience. Perfect and must need degree for students who wants to enter the field of journalism.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)


Graduates of the programme will have successful career in all communication and Media industries and can pursue higher education and research.


Graduates of the programme can work in teams to create the social responsibilities in the broad way as media person to construct the ethical practices.


Graduates of the programme will continue to develop their knowledge and skills throughout their career.


Graduates of the programme will continue to develop their technical perspective view to accomplish the new technical innovations.

Career Opportunities

Masters in Journalism & Mass Communication, have a wide range of career Opportunities in various aspects:

Television Industry
Advertising Industry
Content Writing

Programme Structure

Department of Journalism & Mass Communication in weight age of a course in the curriculum. Practical and classroom session are well planned, students are required to prepare for the assigned case, go through the assigned readings and work on exercises and assignments, among others. Subsequent to the class session, students are required to review and reflect on the session and prepare for the components of assessment.

Masters in Journalism & Mass Communication is a postgraduate course. The 2-year program provides a fundamental education in Journalism & Mass Communication. This course typically allows students to specialize in one of multiple concentration areas such as in visual medium, Photography, Graphic Designing and prepares students to successfully work in a International media concern

  • Reporting
  • Short film making
  • Photography
  • Ad film making
  • Documentary
  • Designing
  • Cross culture study
  • Advertising
  • Public Relation
  • Event Management
  • Printing Technology
  • Screen Play
  • Animation
  • Journalism

Industry related projects are taken and onboard training is given to students to make students understand the work atmosphere and for the betterment of job opportunities