The M.Sc programme in Computer Science is designed to provide students an overview of computing, an understanding of the concepts, principles and skills in their application and extension, and a practical experience in applied computing. The programme emphasizes the fundamental principles underlying computing and helps develop an understanding of the computer science considerations involved in computing system design, implementation and usage.The objective of the program is to develop human resources with core competence in various upcoming areas of Computer Science with sound knowledge of theory and hands on practical skills. Taking into account the Computer Science curriculum that the students have undertaken at the undergraduate level, it covers up the advanced courses in Computer Science. The program is comprised of full time 4-semesters, including a major project in the final semester and a minor project in the third semester. In that, the course allows the students to specialize in the areas of their interests.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)


To prepare graduates who will be successful professionals in industry, government, academia, research, entrepreneurial pursuit and consulting firms.


To prepare graduates who will contribute to society as broadly educated, expressive, ethical and responsible citizens with proven expertise.


To prepare graduates who will achieve peer-recognition; as an individual or in a team; through demonstration of good analytical, design and implementation skills.


To prepare graduates who will thrive to pursue life-long learning to fulfill their goals.

Career Opportunities

After successful completion of this degree, they may be employed as Executives in EDP, System Executives, Software Engineers, System Programmers in software industries and also can do research in computer science.

Programme Structure

M.Sc. Computer Science offers core and practical courses. Equal weightage is given to Theory and Practical. The students has to complete one mini-Project for the core subject in each semester. At the end of each year, the student has to undergo an intership in IT company to gain real time industry exposure.
  • Java Programming
  • Web Technology
  • Database and SQL/PLSQL
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Windows Programming
  • Computer Graphics and Animation
  • Entrepreneurship for IT
  • Android App Development
  • Software Engineering
  • Information and Cyber Security

M.Sc. Computer Science provides an area specific specialization for the students. The domains are listed below.

  • Data Analytics
  • Computer Networks & Security
  • Animation
  • Testing
  • Cloud Infrastructures

For the students of M.Sc. Information Technology, to improve their programming skills and enhance their software development skills a computer lab with 60 machines of High Configuration is available. The computer Lab is fully air-conditioned. Also the students shall utilize the following laboratory for the skill enhancement.

  • Web Technology Lab
  • Java Lab
  • Open Source Lab
  • Application & System Software Lab
  • Guest Lecture programs are conducted.
  • Industrial Visits
  • Internship / Industrial Training
  • Placement Training and Assessment Tests using OLT
  • Seminars / Workshop
  • C & C++ Lab
  • Java Lab
  • Open Source Lab
  • Web Technology Lab
  • Application & System Software Lab
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