The Master of Science in Information Technology is designed for current and aspiring professionals in charge of developing, implementing, operating, and managing information systems in a variety of organizations. This course is established to provide theoretical as well as practical knowledge related to data mining and controlling with software applications and their development.The main objective of this course is to provide knowledge of programming, implementation of common data structures using OOP principles in C++ and ADTs which covers Lists, Stacks, Queues, Trees, and Graphs. Information technology includes software development, data manipulation and technology re-engineering which can be learned after completing this course.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)


To prepare student graduates for a successful career with effective communication skills, teamwork skills and work with values that meet the diversified needs of industry, academia and research.


To train students in comprehending, analyzing, designing and creating novel products and technologies that provide solution frameworks to real world problems.


To promote awareness among student graduates towards issues of social relevance and introduce them to professional ethics and practice.


To inculcate in student graduates the ability to gain multidisciplinary knowledge through projects and industrial training, providing a sustainable competitive edge in R&D and meeting industry needs.


To develop self-learning ability in graduates by inculcating the philosophy to continuously learn, innovate and contribute to creation of new knowledge for the benefit of the society at large.


To inculcate in graduates the qualities of leadership for technology innovation and entrepreneurship

Career Opportunities

The students are best suited for jobs in web/application development, networking, and graphical designing. The students will be employable in all functional areas of IT such as developer, application software’s requirement management, quality assurance, and process analysis.

Programme Structure

M.Sc. Information Technology offers core, and practical courses. Equal weightage is given to Theory and Practical. For all the subjects, the students has to undergo an online certification course either in NPTEL or Spoken Tutorial or Courseera.
  • Java Programming
  • Web Technology
  • Database and SQL/PLSQL
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Windows Programming
  • Computer Graphics and Animation
  • Entrepreneurship for IT
  • Android App Development
  • Software Engineering
  • Information and Cyber Security

M.Sc. Information Technology provides an area specific specialization for the students. The domains are listed below.

  • Data Analytics
  • Computer Networks & Security
  • Animation
  • Testing
  • Cloud Infrastructures

For the students of M.Sc. Information Technology, to improve their programming skills and enhance their software development skills a computer lab with 60 machines of High Configuration is available. The computer Lab is fully air-conditioned. Also the students shall utilize the following laboratory for the skill enhancement.

  • Web Technology Lab
  • Java Lab
  • Open Source Lab
  • Application & System Software Lab
  • Industry persons are invited for the Guest Lecture Programs.
  • Industrial Visits to IT companies.
  • Internship to the IT Companies at the end of each semester.
  • Placement Assessment Tests.
  • Seminars / Workshops
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