Welfare Measures for Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff


The Institution is following several measures to make the faculty members comfortable, peaceful, and happy.

Continuity pays, PF, earned leave, casual leave, medical leave, marriage leave, free insurance, festival celebration with gift, seed money for research work, permission to attend the programmes with the registration fee, recognition of achievement with cash award, maternity leave, medical facility, staff salary advance, annual tour, monthly celebration, a training programme for research, faculty development programme, Free Wi-Fi, etc.

Faculty members are allowed to attend the Faculty Development Programme, Refresher Programme, and Orientation Programme as per institution norms. The Institution is providing on duty to the faculty members to attend seminars, conferences in other organizations.

The institution has introduced rewards and recognitions to faculty as follows financial Support for Publication of Articles

The institution provides a substantial amount to faculty who publish research articles in UGC CARE Listed journals, Scopus, and Web of science publications. The institution also encourages the faculty to publishing books by providing the publication cost of the book.

Financial Assistance to Attend Seminar / Conference / Workshops and FDP

To update the quality of teachers the institution provides the registration cost for participating in seminars, conferences, workshops, and Faculty Development Programs. TA and DA will also be provided to faculty who participate in the outside district, state, and international programs.

Interest-Free Salary Advance

The institution provides interest-free advance salaries to those who are in need of money as a welfare measure. This reduces the burden of the staff and provides a stress-free environment with the support of management.

On-duty for Professional Development

The institution constantly encourages the faculty to participate in programs for their professional development such as Faculty Development Programs, Seminar, and Conferences. The faculty who is willing to participate in the programs have to intimate in advance and they can avail themselves on-duty. The institution not only provides on-duty but also financial assistance as a registration fee to participate in the program.

Outbound Programme for Faculty Enhancement

To enhance the quality of the faculty institution allocates a substantial amount every year for outbound training. This outbound training helps the faculty to develop their leadership skills and their ability in working as a team. A positive change is seen after this outbound training, which takes the faculty to next level.

Maternity Leave to female faculty members

The female faculty members can avail of maternity leave for a period of one year. This welfare measure is availed by many female faculties during the past 5 years.