Training and Placement Cell Activities

Training and placement cell activities is perhaps the most important virtue of any institution. It is imperative for all colleges to have a placement cell, where students can learn about the industry connect and understand the nitty-gritties of the corporate world.

The idea of a placement cell is to introduce the students to the concept of:

Career scope

  • Interviews
  • Vocational training
  • Placement guidance
  • Resume building
  • Presentation skills
  • Soft skills
  • Communication abilities
  • Subject knowledge

Let’s take a look at the activities involved in the Training and Placement cells of colleges.

What is the Placement Process?

The educational institutes work towards building a robust program that will help the final year students groom themselves, both professionally and personally to approach organizations that are hiring and also to the recruiters that are the face of lot many industrial conglomerates.

These training programs help prepare the students with interpersonal as well as professional skills.

Directly from the earliest starting point of the program, graduates are persistently guided concerning his/her vocation goals and choices, which is energetically caught up with the potential organizations for taking part in the institute’s placement program.

This not just helps the graduates in getting their dream employments but also helps the meeting position organizations in distinguishing the ‘right’ contender for their association.

The Broad Activities Undertaken by the Placement Cell are:

In order to have a conducive pattern for the placement process, the placement & training cell has clear activities that can underline the stance of the graduates and prepare them for upcoming interviews and interactions with the organizations visiting for placement programs. Some of them are:

Career Scope

  • Preparation of Placement Brochure for definite position.
  • Pre-situation visits (PPV) to the organizations.
  • Communication, systems administration and relationship working with the potential recruiters
  • Invitation to potential recruiters to visit the Institute
  • Continuation of position exercises after the examined period, till every one of the graduates are set.
  • Grooming and preparing of graduates for their respective roles and organizations as per their choices and eligibility
  • General development, joining conventions and other managerial exercises.

Placement Brochure: The Institute readies a Placement Brochure, giving subtleties of the graduates prepared to be set to help the graduates and potential spotters. This leaflet is accordingly imparted to potential selection representatives. The graduates enrolled for arrangement are incorporated into this pamphlet.

Pre Visits to Organizations: The placement cell explores new and old organizations, understand their culture, their work process and many others which can help them craft their placement training modules for the students. This further emphasizes on the fact that the placement cell has to curate programs not only specified to the students but primarily to the potential recruiting organizations as well.

Invitation To Potential Recruiters To Visit The Institute: The placement department looks into the potential organizations that will visit the campus and hire graduates who meet their criteria.

Communication, Systems Administration And Relationship Working With The Potential Recruiters: Establishing a rapport with the recruiting organizations is highly imperative as it can establish a camaraderie between the institute and the organization. This is a win-win situation where the institutes can stay assured of the maximum placement of the deserving graduates and the organizations can reduce their resource expenditure while hiring from various sources.

Continuation of position exercises after the examined period, till every one of the graduates are set: Once the relationship is established it is important for the placement cell to continually invest in the existing dialogue with the HR of the organizations to ensure their affiliation with the institute.

Grooming And Preparing Of Graduates For Their Respective Roles And Organizations As Per Their Choices And Eligibility: This is a point that cannot be emphasized enough. The relationship and the camaraderie between the institution’s placement cell and the industrial organization will only be deemed successful if the graduates appearing for placement are compatible with the jobs that are being offered. The placement cell needs to hone students in their attributes when it comes to industrial knowledge, basic aptitude skills, soft skills and their ability to coincide with what the organizations are looking for.

General Development, Joining Conventions and other Managerial Exercises: Placement programs need to be hands on and interactive. Thus, this activity should be mandate for all students appearing for placements to get a taste of the real-life industrial interaction, interviews, group discussions and presentation that will refine their conduct and help them appease to the interview panel with the knowledge, capability and confidence to complement their organizational ethics and justify the job that will be offered.

Choosing the Organizational Placement Committee

The position related exercises, at the Institute, are completed by Placement board of trustees – it involves resources from different branches of the organization. Understudy agents from different branches who are in their last year are likely to be selected as a part of the placement panel. The advisory group is going by Director of the Institute and Manager Corporate Relations goes about as a part secretary.

Graduate Registration for Placement

Graduates who are in their last year and keen on benefiting position support from establishment, should enroll themselves for arrangement. The individuals who don’t need any sort of situation bolster need not enroll themselves. Enrollment for position is finished by paying situation enlistment charges chosen by the organization now and again.

The arrangement procedure isn’t just constrained to these exercises and can go upto a few customized errands that can help curate the validity of the applicant in core interest. Placement officers and instructors can take tailor made measures to amp these training programs to enable graduates to profit by the industrial knowledge as well as the experienced faculty at the institution.